student feedback: my ESOL class

Write here about my ESOL class activity

photos of the venn diagrams.

have a separate post reflecting on the peer observation aspect of the lesson??

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DJ & YG – Two students interview each other about how they use different technologies at home and in class. They don’t explicitly talk about mobile technology.

YG – He says loves to use Facebook and Twitter, but he doesn’t use them in class because he comes to class to learn.

Hidal & B.I.G. Ali – Two students interview each other about what they use at home & in class. Hidal says she plays games in class but B.I.G says it is not good to play games in class. She asks why but he doesn’t answer.

Knga L – Kinga is a consolidating E1 student and she talks about what she uses in class and at home. L is a beginner student who only started class in February and this is the most I have ever hear her speak. Before they recorded this, Kinga wrote sentences down. It is really lovely to hear how Kinga is support L to make the recording.

Sham Tamseela – There were three students working together in this group. While the other 3 pairs were making their recordings this group were struggling to finalise their recording. B.I.G from the other group then joined them to interview all three students about how they use different technologies.

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